Breathing Lessons via Questions

Learn to breathe through self-assessment, curiosity, and self-research.

Each lesson will walk you through easy ways to investigate, assess, and troubleshoot. This course was designed to get you so in-the-know with your own body that taking any breathwork course after this will be easily accessible to you.

Additional worksheet provided with inquiries to make next and resource recommendations.

Delivered via PDF to your inbox.


Question 1: How am I breathing now?

Question 2: What's my box?

Question 3: Where can't I breathe?

Question 4: What can I control?

Question 5: What if I'm moving?

Question 6: What if I can't do it?


Breathing is the gateway for many people to self-awareness and self-development.

Paid Collaborations with Good People

Ten Breaths¬†Collaboration with Dr. G DeNovi‚Äč

Breathing Course


Originally available by email only, this incredible course will guide you through breathing for awareness, energy, relaxation, and expansion. 

  • PDF download delivered to your inbox after purchase
  • Short videos linked in document
  • Detailed explanations for each breathing task

‚ÄčUnlock ten ways to study how to work with your number one ally - your breathing, from assessing yourself to conditioning yourself to traditional Sufi breathwork, circular breathing¬†and more. All delivered with style.


Will engage and challenge you differently than any other breathing course out there. This one is about doing and experiencing for yourself.


Downloadable PDF

Brian Nevison's Shoulders to Make You Smile Course 

I bet your shoulders have been through a lot. Aches and pains? Strains and tears? Maybe even surgery? Do they stay tense and stiff, holding onto your stress?  Whatever your experience, I want you to know that there is SO much you can do to improve your shoulder health and function.


But let's not stop at just knowing. I hope that in following this course, you can truly believe in YOUR power to change your shoulders, your body, and your mindset.