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Samantha Faulhaber, FRCms, FRAs, Kinstretch

Samantha Faulhaber

INTRODUCING Dr. Andreo Spina

"Kinstretch is what you do first to prepare yourself for whatever it is that you want to do."


How would you like better breathing, better mobility, better flexibility, and higher quality movement so you can do the things you want to do with confidence and with less hesitation?


Take all the classes you want using the techniques that brought me into my own body and helped a successful career as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete.


Enter Kinstretch - the movement enhancement system that builds useful range of motion, flexibility, and joint integrity over time. 


It will challenge and surprise you and leave you feeling amazingly connected and knowledgable about yourself.


And I'm here to guide you into how to best use it as your own personal secret weapon.

What's inside?

A full-fledged and growing educational website to help you better use and understand your body.


Guided principles on breathing and controlling tension, two of the most important factors in any athletic activity. If you only have one setting you may get injured when life takes you out of that setting. 


Recovery-based classes to give you reliable, actionable options for sore muscles, aches, and pains.


CARS (Controlled Articular Rotations) routines for daily joint maintenance at home, at the gym, or in the office. What you do every day matters more than anything you do once in a while. CARs are the cornerstone of training and self-assessment in the FRC system.


Choose your exercises based on body part or how much time you have - full classes range in length from 25 to 60 minutes.


Optional for those who want to get as specific as possible: upgrade to BodyScan - a complete assessment tool for assessing the available movement in your shoulders, hips, and spine.

  • Personalized Recommendations 

    Explore on your own, or send in a video of yourself doing one of the Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) routines and get a personal email with video recommendations from the membership. ($50 minimum value)

  • Join the Kinstretch Insiders group (included)

    Join the Kinstretch Insiders Facebook group and ask questions, get to know the other rad people that are working to be their best selves, and help others see how great you are.

  • Shoulder/ankle/knee/back feel funny today?

    Use the "by body part" tab and get resources for moving, expanding, and reinforcing each individual joint in your body. Troubleshooting has never been easier for you to study.

  • Classes ranging from 10 minutes to an hour

    I get it. You're busy. Look up how to challenge yourself today by upper body, lower body, total body, or the amount of time you have to work with.


    There's no such thing as overtraining, just under-recovering. This is where all the magic happens, so find a huge amount of resources ready to click and guide you through total body mastery.

  • New classes all the time

    In just the past three months we've added the Hips Course ($200 value), self-assessment worksheets for you to use, and new upper and lower-body focused resources for you to own your day with.

Your personality really helps just make this all better. And by “this”, I mean the icky, awkward, hard, but amazing road of progress and the whole process. 


I have a bad scap winging habit and just doing the cars alone helps. Moving my scaps in ways I guess I never realized they can/should move has been so helpful! 


My hips also salute you! 


I also really love the breath work. I teach Yoga and I love learning all different ways of breathing and am specifically fascinated with the diaphragm/pelvic floor connection. 

Maggy H., yoga teacher

Enrollment Closes Sunday

Don't wish you had started training earlier.

No word yet on when it will reopen. Could be a month, could be more, could be

however long you missed out on training towards your full potential, earlier.


The most helpful pieces for me have been (1) the multitude of ways in which you have demonstrated CARs (which makes it so much easier to fit into my life - i.e. I don't have to be in a particular 'position' all the time AND I have noticed different sensations in various joints when doing CARs in quadruped vs standing, for example, which is some intel that I need to explore further); and (2) the hip series that you recently added was immensely helpful to my understanding of how to chunk things a bit (loved the dynamic movements of flex/extend the hip using the wall) and also how to progress to PAILS and RAILS. I definitely feel my creative side wanting to try some shit out!

Michele Banfield

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