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Have more fun.

Do you love yoga?


Do you love running?


Do you love the freedom of moving around doing whatever you want?


Or maybe you feel the opposite.


Has the joy dropped out of your movement, and even simple tasks like running and walking have started to feel tedious?


Have you ever been asked to go do something active with your friends and realized you've started to pause before saying yes or no?


Have you started to plan your movement stuff the way you used to plan nights going out - with a buffer day afterwards because you know how shit you're going to feel and need to plan for it?


Wasn't fitness supposed to be working against all this? Wasn't it supposed to make you stronger, more agile, and freer to do anything you wanted to do?


Have you accepted the lie that you have to just feel worse as time goes on, so you keep pushing through the pain because you think if you didn't you just wouldn't have any fun?


Everything people say around the water cooler and your Facebook feed is wrong.


People love to get together and gripe about their problems.


And maybe, just maybe most of them really don't know there's something they can do about the way they feel, the fact that they can actually feel better than they've ever felt, and that they have the power to do so with very few tips and tools.


You can get older AND feel better.


You can change your body at any age and no matter how you feel right now.


This isn't a substitute for a doctor by any means, but if you've been seeking help and it either hasn't made a difference or you haven't even been given any exercises to start improving the way you feel, there is a lot of learning you have to do.


THE PROBLEM IS that most "hip exercises" are not NEARLY specific enough to your body. 


If you've ever scrolled Instagram for ideas or had a personal trainer who simply told you "this is a great exercise for hips" or "this is the BEST hip exercise ever" - DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE.


WITHOUT SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOLS you will be wasting your time and wasting your energy doing exercises that are not tailored to the way you move, right now. 


If you have been through the wringer and are cleared for exercise, you SHOULD BE doing specific range of motion work to assess and keep things going.


You SHOULDN'T be stuck doing the same exercises forever. 


You SHOULD be taught how to care for your own body.


My hips feel the best they ever have just from filming all the material for this course. Each lesson builds on one another, taking you through step by step instructions on how to start working RIGHT NOW on having better hips. Over 200 people have used this course already to open, strengthen, and guide their own hips using personalized self-assessment work.


Carefully cued to make sure you are doing what is right FOR YOU, RIGHT NOW, this course will last you a lifetime. 


Come back again and again until you understand the material, then use it to work and amaze yourself with your progress over however long it takes to reach your goals. 


Figure out your weaknesses. Identify compensations. Strengthen every range of motion so that you can enjoy:


  • Hiking with your friends and family
  • Stronger, more powerful yoga poses
  • Giving your back and knees a break because your hips are doing so much more of the work that used to be left to the joints above and below them
  • The freedom to say "yes" to whatever you want because you KNOW exactly where you stand with your hip mobility


"My plan was to actually run through the full 7 day hip program this week to do that justice. However, after about day 2, things went off the rails due to being busy. HOWEVER, I have been incorporating 5-10 minutes or hip movements (like from lesson 1) and 5-10 minutes of breathing exploration per day and I have to say my hips certainly, and maybe even my back are feeling better. It's crazy just how doing these exploratory movements and reading the spaces my body wants to move in help, but I've got to say it's freeing. I think this time-limited exploration could be an interesting tool for me going forward." - Charlie



This course will not be what gives you great hips into your 90s.


You will.


This course is not the end of your training. It's a beginning. An educated teaching on getting in touch with your own body, assessing honestly where you are RIGHT NOW, and showing you what you can do about it, forever. 


The work that you do, the joy that you find in moving your body, the practice that you schedule into your life is what is going to keep you moving as much as you want to, so you can:


Your body doesn't stop changing so you can't stop taking care of it.


This course is for you to take control, work hard, and learn about your body.


I'll be honest, it is not easy to make mobility gains.


And it shouldn't be.


Your body would be full of dents if it were that easy to make changes. It may be unpopular in this microwaveable, miracle world we live in, but it's going to take hard work, consistently, over time.


If you ever feel discouraged, you can always message me at samantha@movewellphilly.com - my email address is all over the place just for this reason.


Lessons 6 and 7 will be some of the hardest, most deceptively difficult work you have ever done, with almost no workout equipment required.


You will be sore, and you will have to figure out how often is often enough for you.


You'll have to start thinking about how much you're recovering, and sleeping, to reach your goals. You've probably already been thinking about that already. You know what you would be able to do if you helped yourself. When you start caring about one thing it will bleed into your life and get you thinking about a lot of other things that you could do for yourself. Action is the most powerful tool for further action.


And I predict that you will love it. You will quickly feel better than you ever have, and it will become something you're excited about.


At some point, the work doesn't become work any more. I encourage you to ask yourself why you want better hips in the first place. Get in touch with your goals and what moving better would really mean for the quality of your life. Start integrating movement into your life.  Look for excuses to move your hips more. Go dancing. Pick up Jiu-Jitsu. Become the world's best lover. Then use this course to make all of those things that much easier in your life. When you start getting in touch with your hips, you'll realize this is something your body has been asking for.


I'm planning on living for a long time, so I might as well steer where I'm going.





Learn how you can work with and manage your hip mobility for a long, healthy life of doing what you want to in your body - in less than an hour per lesson.

  • Lesson 1: The Basics (16 minutes)

    Learn simple anatomy terms and how to easily target the joint capsule, the deepest, most communicative layer of your joint, with a drill so simple you can do it standing in line at the supermarket and not even look weird.

  • Lesson 2: Intra-Abdominal Puffing (28 minutes)

    If you can't breathe, you can't train. The first of two breathing lessons in the course, this class helps you get centered and aware to figure out if you're one of the many people I see each day whose back does all the work for their hips.

  • Lesson 3: Variables (36 minutes)

    All or nothing is a great way to get hurt. In this extremely important (and pretty challenging) class, learn the difference between having a body that only has two settings and one that can use just enough effort for the task at hand. Recommended for anyone who lifts weights, trains Jiu-Jitsu, or is a human.

  • Lesson 4: Sensory Stimulation (25 minutes)

    You have the basics down, and how to use them. Now it's time to start feeling out what's going on in your specific body so you can make self-informed decisions for your hips.

  • Lesson 5: Assessment Day (includes printable worksheet)

    Save time and energy by knowing what you're working with. Six short videos and simple equipment like towels, a foam roller, and a yoga block are all it takes to assess each joint angle of your hips. Inspired by the Functional Range Assessment by Dr. Andreo Spina

  • Lesson 6: PAILS and RAILS

    The famed Progressive Angular Isometric Loading and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading from the Functional Range Conditioning system, these videos show you how you can set yourself up to expand and strengthen the ranges you need for strong, mobile hips over time. This hard work is actually a scientifically shown fast track to change when done consistently over time. If you're not ready to put 30 minutes of work in 2-3 days per week, you might not be ready to make a difference in your hip mobility.

  • Lesson 7: End-Range Options (29 minutes)

    Challenge yourself and learn how to solidify your work with true end-range training at each joint angle. This follow-along class is difficult, but not impossible. I'll show you how to make it just right for you.


Meet your goals even faster with:


45 minute


You can only train as hard as you recover. Learn simple, effective, comprehensive tools in less than an hour that you'll use for a lifetime. Balance your act.

Full-body Video for Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs)

Because sometimes, it isn' t even about your hips. Check in on all of your joints and get them working like a symphony with your new daily CARs routine.

Complete CARs 

Self-Assessment Sheet

That which gets measured, gets managed. Give yourself a monthly physical to check in and record your progress. Video yourself for even better feedback.

"I genuinely can’t wait to get to the next part. Thank you for your wisdom. And your course is perfect just the way it is." 



"Wooah!! I'm frickin making progress Sam, things are improving, subtle changes, small but noticeable since joining up.

I know as knowledge grows from experimenting it will build better functionality to a lot of my hip, knee and shoulder issues. I'm excited.

Just need to make this stick with a routine daily I think. You are lit! Understanding is half the battle. Thanks heaps."


New Zealand

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I can tell you that from a yoga teacher perspective, the assessment stuff is golden.

Thanks for the inspiration."

Robin Penney Yoga, California

Still not sure?

But what if I "can't get to it"? What you do every day is a matter of priorities. But yeah, things come up, and I understand being frustrated. Let me make it easier on you.


If you buy the hips course and you're not ready to do the work it takes to get better after all, get your money back in the first 14 days. Schedule it if you want to make progress. The longer a course sits on the shelf, the less likely you are to do it. Make time to work on you, now. 


If you finish this course and didn't like it for any reason, get your money back within 14 days. It's a 7 day course (8 with the bonus materials), and each lesson is less than an hour long. Building 45 minutes into your schedule for 7 days will be as valuable a practice for self-care as anything else you could get good at. Imagine if you made, and protected, 45 minutes to work on yourself that often regularly. You might not know what to do with how great you feel.


If you find the way you look at and interact with your hips has not been revolutionized, with a clear plan to maintain, expand, strengthen, and move forward better every day, get your money back. 100% money-back guarantee for 14 days after delivery.


Why only 14 days?

To be honest, if you don't start right away and build a routine, you're probably not going to. I've bought too many courses with no pressure to start that I ended up wasting my money. Giving you two weeks to finish with a money-back-guarantee is incentive to get started, NOW. If you're going to try the thing, try the thing. 


PS. If you figure out that your hips are in such shape that you need to only do the first day for two weeks on its own before building up, shoot me an email if you need more time on the money back guarantee. I'll be able to know in just a few questions whether you've been doing the work or not.

Learn how to help yourself.

  • Self-assessment built in

    No forcing yourself into uncomfortable positions

  • Easy-to-follow classes

    Each under an hour

  • Money-back guarantee

    Up to 14 days after delivery

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