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Samantha Faulhaber, FRCms, FRAs, Kinstretch, BJJ Black Belt

Samantha Faulhaber


Better breathing, better mobility, better flexibility, higher quality movement so you can do the things you want to do with confidence and with less hesitation.


Stretching doesn't make you stronger and yoga poses, while great, aren't specific to your individual joint needs.



Enter Kinstretch - the movement enhancement system that builds useful range of motion, flexibility, and joint integrity over time. 


This program allows you to assess yourself. Know what you're capable of in every range of motion and target your specific weaknesses so you can turn them into strengths.

What's inside?

Full-length classes ranging from 30-75 minutes so you can time your time appropriately.


Advice on how to best use this program so you maximize the way you approach your every day.


A complete Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) tutorial - the most versatile tool in the Functional Range Conditioning mobility toolbox. Literally anybody can start here and make incredible progress. 


Short classes on individual course components like Maximum Expansive Breathing (MEB), kinetic stretching, individual CARs, hinges, hovers, irradiation, isometric ramping, and more.


Troubleshoot and find relief with proven methods in the Recovery classes section.


Monthly updates featuring new videos and blog entries to easily customize your training.


Get FREE access to BodyScan ($47 value)


  • Downloadable PDF assessment sheets

    Customized sheets for assessing yourself and guided observations on what you find..

  • Spine, Hip, and Shoulder Assessment videos

    Assess the big three at every angle you would receive in an in-person session.

  • Target your training like never before.

    Stop guessing, start assessing.

  • Start improving immediately.

    Use the assessment exercises themselves to start improving by moving.


Get complete access for only $30/month, cancel any time

You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.



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